Welcome tο Daycare Center Hliotopos!

Why Hliotopos?

Our goal

  • To contribute to the physical, mental, emotional and social development of children.
  • To raise parents’ awareness of contemporary matters of pedagogy and psychology.
  • To help children of preschool age make a smooth transition from family to school life.

Our philosophy

The childish “must” meets “why” and , together, they create thinking and love for knowledge.

That’s how we shape education from an early age: with support by the parents, who are the first teachers of the child, and guidance by the educator. “We all together can make a beautiful world.”

Our method

Taking organised and solid steps with respect for the fathers who affected preschool education and learning, and combining them with new pedagogic models, we provide our children with an integrated and comprehensive development.

Our sections

Nursery section

In an atmosphere of love, care, patience and understanding; always with respect for the development level of our very young children, we provide them with learning experiences which will be crucial for their future learning skills.

Kindergarten section

At this very important stage of development and education, your children go through a transition period from infancy to preschool age.

Pre-school section

At this age, the child must develop its personality holistically, get to know itself and communicate with the environment through which it will interact.


Contact us

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